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Prosal is an outsourcing platform for nonprofits and their consultants to share RFPs/projects with a diverse network of vetted agencies.
About Us

Our Story

Prosal started with two friends: a recovering consultant and a mechanical engineer.

The consultant had worked with different companies, including dozens of nonprofits, and found many of his clients with requests for proposals (RFPs). However, he also saw how the RFP reduced new opportunities for him and his professional colleagues:

  • Their backgrounds didn’t put them in the same conversations where RFPs were discussed
  • Limited information on budgets, timelines, and other details made it hard to draft proposals
  • Poorly designed processes and lack of communication made it difficult to know how they were faring against the rest
  • Rigid standards meant they couldn’t always be creative or different in their approach

One day while mountain biking, the engineer asked the consultant about his work. When the consultant shared his dilemma, the engineer asked:

“There isn’t a marketplace for this?”

And so, Prosal was born.

Needing some technical magic, the duo brought on a computer wizard who wanted to support communities that looked like him, and they got to work. 

The result? A diverse and community-driven RFP marketplace built to bring back humanity and a welcoming nature to the RFP process. 


Democratize opportunities for business professionals of ALL backgrounds.


Create an effective and welcoming alternative to the RFP that is transparent and inclusive by design.



Spend time on billable hours, not searching for new leads

Most agencies spend 5-10 hours/week looking for new business leads. That means thousands of dollars with little to no return, especially if you’re like most agencies who only win a handful of the projects for which they bid.

Prosal makes RFPs a competitive part of your business development. We organize hundreds of good RFPs and project leads shared by organizations genuinely interested in working with someone new.

Every RFP on Prosal has a minimum budget of $5,000 and is hand-selected for agencies and consultants capable of completing complex projects, so you don’t have to waste time qualifying leads. In fact, winning just one project on Prosal pays for your membership for five years!

Don’t let your next great client slip away because of an RFP. Start using Prosal to save time and money finding your next awesome project!

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