Tips to create an Impactful End of Year Video

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End of Year is a critical time to connect with your community and inspire them. An effective End of Year video strategy is a compelling way to engage more deeply that just email appeals. 

Liz Rubin, Founder and CEO of Ecodeo will present two video content best practice options for you to consider as you plan your end of year communications and start planning next year’s digital strategy. Having an impactful  1-minute video embedded in your end of the year email campaign can up your engagement and click rates by 93%. In addition to the main video, we recommend creating social media video bits (either taken from this main piece or from other video assets) as teasers, mini-posts  to help introduce social media audiences to your campaign or reinforce the brand, messaging and to in general drive engagement. We’ll also dig into how to have affordable year-round video production and how to scaling your video capacity.


  • Intro
  • Problem
  • Success 
  • End of Year Video Video Tips
  • Year Round Video Strategy
  • Social Media Video Production Options
  • Q&A

Key takeaway:

Tips for Creating an Impactful End of Year Video will help your audience get your message in 1 minute and helps your audience become engaged with your messaging while avoiding content fatigue.