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Don’t ask voters to pledge to vote, ask them to pledge to get their friends to vote

This training will detail how campaigns can use “Vote Tripling” as part of their GOTV efforts, a free, open-source RO technique designed by behavioral scientists specifically for non-activists. To win with relational organizing, Democratic campaigns must get their non-activists to mobilize their friends. Non-activists are the majority of the Democratic Party’s base, have stronger ties to irregular voters, and may be more effective messengers than activists. To get non-activists to be relational organizers, campaigns must use techniques simple enough to get strong engagement from impatient non-activists and elegant enough to help those non-activists select which friends they’ll mobilize and remind them to take action on Election Day.  In this training we’ll talk about how your campaign can get many thousands of non-activists to urge three friends to vote on Election Day.

We’ll dig into:

  1. Getting non-activists to pledge to vote triple: over canvasses, at big public events, via SMS, and through bundlers
  2. How to set vote tripling pledge goals and how to save the pledge data you collect throughout your campaign
  3. Best practices around sending SMS reminders to your vote triplers before important deadlines like the registration deadline, early vote and Election Day