Digital Fundraising
Summit 2023

October 24 -26th
Streaming Live & Recorded

Panels, training, strategy, and conversations.

The fundraising space has been impacted by reductions in major giving. It’s more important than ever to leverage digital to fundraise. Let’s learn together and increase our impact!

  • The last trends in fundraising
  • Leveraging peer-to-peer giving
  • Advertising and giving
  • AI and fundraising
  • Email, sms, and leveraging your channels
  • And more!


New tactics from leaders and experts.


Your digital fundraising strategy with insights and training.


With experts and others working in digital advertising.


The Digital Fundraising Summit will offer sessions each day from 12 ET / 9 am PT through 6 ET / 3 PT.
We’ll be announcing sessions this week, all sessions are subject to changes, and more details and sessions will be added.

Tuesday, October 24th

Introduction to Digital Fundraising

@ 12 ET / 9 AM PT

Description: Want to level up your grassroots fundraising skills? Learn about best practices for fundraising online, explore how to ask for money, and build your own fundraising ask!

Camryn Hicks
Training Outreach Manager
@ ActBlue

Why you? Learning how to share your “why” for fundraising.

@ 1 ET / 10 AM PT

Description: As we enter this time of year, organizations are in full steam to fundraise. With so many asks coming in, we must reach our supporters with a meaningful and impactful ask. Learn about how to tell heartfelt stories, create campaigns that inspire, and share how you will make an impact with their investment in your organization. You’ll walk away with steps needed for your next campaign and a game plan that leaves you empowered.

Brit Holmes
Founder + Communications Consultant
@ Did Juno

How to Build a Volunteer Fundraising Team

@ 2 ET / 11 AM PT

Description: Feeling overwhelmed, isolated, or stuck in your fundraising role? You don’t have to go at this alone – your biggest supporters want to help, if they’re just asked. This session dives into how you can build a volunteer fundraising squad in your organization, with special emphasis on year-end campaigns.

Haley Bash
@ Donor Organizer Hub

Revolutionizing online fundraising with AI — a demo with

@ 3 ET / 12 PT

Description: Join the Quiller team to understand how they are already using AI-powered Quiller to write better and faster drafts for campaigns.

Mike Nellis
@ Authentic and Quiller

Hillary Lehr
CEO @ Quiller | Operating Partner @ Higher Ground Labs

How to Supercharge Digital Fundraising With Text Messaging

@ 4 ET / 1 PT

More details coming

James Martin @ Rally Corp

Wednesday, October 25th

Q&A on running ethical fundraising programs w/ digital experts from Authentic

@ 12 ET / 9 AM PT

Description: This will be a panel discussion run by the team at Authentic Campaigns. They’ll be driving this panel and having rich conversation with the audience like you!

Time is Money: Maximizing Funds and Minimizing Effort with Engaging Network

@ 1 ET / 10 AM PT

Description: From customizing ask streams, conditional content, to A/B testing on donation forms how can you leverage digital tools to raise more money.

Faizan Faruq
Senior Director
@ Engaging Networks

Understanding Crypto in Fundraising with GivePact

@ 2 ET / 11 PT

Description: As we enter this time of year, organizations are in full steam to fundraise. With so many asks coming in, we must reach our supporters with a meaningful and impactful ask. Learn about how to tell heartfelt stories, create campaigns that inspire, and share how you will make an impact with their investment in your organization. You’ll walk away with steps needed for your next campaign and a game plan that leaves you empowered.

Alicia Cepeda Maule
& CEO @ GivePact

Steven Aguiar
CEO @ GivePact

From Unreliable Magic to Good Marketing: Insights Learned from Interviewing 404 Nonprofit Leaders

@ 3 ET / 12 PT


Amidst constant change, competition, and competing priorities, most nonprofits lean on magic, not marketing to hit their goals. During this session, we’ll share an easy-to-implement framework that breaks down the silos between marketing and fundraising enabling nonprofits to use community-first principles to unlock supporter and funding growth.

Participants will walk away with an understanding of:

  1. Common pitfalls holding nonprofits back from growth
  2. A primer on the Good Marketing Framework and how to apply it 
  3. 7 examples of how other like-nonprofits are using the framework

Noah Barnett
VP of Marketing
@ Feathr

Fundamentals of fundraising with paid digital ads

@ 4 ET / 1 PT

Description: In this session, we’ll review the basics of digital fundraising using paid ads — focusing on a couple of core channels like social and search. You can expect to learn how to set up your campaigns and where your fundraising budget is best spent. We’ll also give you an overview of how to develop metrics for success and evaluate your fundraising ads. Finally, we’ll touch on fundraising during rapid response moments if time allows.

Hillary Virginia Price
@ Chong + Koster

Chioma Iheoma
Senior Strategist
@ Chong + Koster

Savannah Woolston
VP, Strategy @ Chong + Koster

AI is here: Are you using it yet?

@ 5 ET / 2 PT

Description: Where do you and your organization stand on using AI to boost your fundraising? Concerns about AI bias, representation, and intellectual property may be holding back nonprofits from exploring its potential. In this session we’ll share common concerns and hesitations, and ways that nonprofits are already finding value by adopting AI into their fundraising and supporter engagement programs. 

George Irish
Founder || AI Strategist || AI Developer @ Fundraising with AI

Thursday, October 26th

Horror stories in online fundraising: exposing the tactics some campaigns use to scam and scare people into donating

@ 12 ET / 9 AM PT

More details coming

Causes and Solutions to the Fundraising Drought

@ 1 ET / 10 AM PT

More details coming

Josh Nelson
@ CivicShout


@ 2 ET / 11 AM PT

More details coming

New Speaker coming Details

Perfecting the Virtual Fundraiser: Lessons from the WisDems x Hovercast

@ 3 ET / 12 PT

For the last two cycles, the WisDems have turned digital fundraisers into capital-E “Events” that raised millions thanks to the casts of The Princess Bride, Superbad, and the Avengers — as well as innovative production and technology from Hovercast. In this case study, we will dive into the lessons learned from the biggest event of the 2022 midterms, a crossover Veep + The West Wing reunion. The session will focus on creative tactics, boosting engagement, and how to maximize giving by applying digital fundraising best practices to a new medium.

Jordan Newman
Head of Sales @ Hovercast

Make it Recurring: Trends and tips to optimize your monthly giving program

@ 4 ET / 1 PT

Description: The sustaining revenue that monthly donors bring is a critical and increasingly successful part of fundraising, but knowing how to grow your monthly donor program – who to ask, how to ask, when to ask, etc. – can be a tough nut to crack for many nonprofits. In this session, Sara Cederberg at Fresh Eyes Digital will discuss the tactics and channels they used to grow their sustainer base and their online revenue – and how they kept up the momentum for giving after acquiring them. You’ll leave with real-life examples and actionable strategies you can use to start or grow your monthly donor program.

Sara Cederberg
Senior Consultant
@ Fresh Eyes Digital

Donor-Centric Digital Strategy for Non-Cash Giving: Hack Your Website in One Hour

@ 5 ET / 2 PT

Description: Gorgeous website that encapsulates your brand and mission impact? Check. Comprehensive ways-to-give page? Check. So why isn’t your nonprofit seeing more non-cash digital gifts? We’ll look at your website through the eyes of your donor, unveiling the latest research on website design strategies that drive online generosity. From words that work to user-friendly donation flows to the strongest placement of different giving vehicles on your site, this session will examine your online presence from the only perspective that matters – the donor’s. Come ready to put your organization’s website to the test, and leave with at least one change you’ll want to make immediately.

Lauren Winther-Hansen Nonprofit Training Lead @ FreeWill


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