What an amazing cohort of entries for this year highlighting work done in 2022. Submissions covered local, national, and international nonprofits. And entries for local and state political campaigns. We appreciate the work of every organization in these spaces and here are the winners. In the coming weeks, we’ll be highlighting images and videos from the winners. See the roster below and read more about their submissions on the awards page: https://www.centerfordigitalstrategy.com/digital-strategy-awards/

Best Creative Campaign – Organizations
Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders for Civic Empowerment Education Fund (AAPI FORCE-EF)AAPI ★ FORCE-EF implemented a large-scale Get Out The Vote

Best Creative Campaign – Political Campaigns
★ Mike Collier for Lt. Governor of Texas — Authentic

Best Digital Ads Campaign – Organizations
★ Climate Power, League of Conservation Voters, Black Progressive Action Coalition, Somos Votantes, and the NRDC Action Fund

Best Digital Ads Campaign – Political Campaigns
★ Lorena Austin for State House — Run the World Digital

Best Digital Fundraising Campaign
★ Kris Mayes AZ — Run the World Digital

Best Digital Organizing Campaign
★ Fund Excluded Workers Campaign – Make the Road NY

Best Email Campaign – Organizations
★ United We Dream DACA — Authentic

Best Email Campaign – Political Campaigns
★ Friends of Francesca Hong

Best Merch
★ Vote Neigh by Loud Light Civic Action

Best New Digital Tool
★ GeoFusion — DSPolitical

Best Overall Digital Strategy Impact
★ California’s Proposition 27 — DSPolitical & AKPD

Best Overall Impact Digital Strategy Political Campaign
★ AZ State Rep. Keith Seaman — Run the World Digital

Best Social Media Campaign
★ Giving Tuesday — Rise Collective + GaneshSpace

Best Social Media Video – Organizations
★ 11th Annual TransLatinx March – Make the Road NY

Best Social Media Video – Political Campaigns
★ Community Change Action — Social Currant

Best Text Messaging Campaign
★ Miami Foundation project Miami Connected

Best Use of Influencer Strategy
★ Climate Power’s Inflation Reduction Act Campaign — Climate Power

Best Video – Organizations
★ Health, Legal, and Adult Education Services – Make the Road NY

Best Video – Political Campaigns
★ Mike Collier for Texas Lt. Governor — Authentic

Best Website Design and Function
★ 30th Anniversary — Innocence Project

Most Impactful Digital Tool
★ VoteProChoice 2022 Voter Guide

Learn more about each of the organizations and campaigns here: https://www.centerfordigitalstrategy.com/digital-strategy-awards/