How to Make Google Analytics 4 Work for Your Nonprofit

This 6 session live course will give you hands-on practice with GA4’s new metrics, features, and reports.

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Stumped by the new GA4? Don’t be. This 6-session course will help you understand the new metrics, features, and reports – as well as get hands-on practice using your data.

Yes, it’s true. The version of Google Analytics that we’ve been using for years is gone. The new version looks and tracks your website in a totally different way. If you were a regular user of the previous GA, you may be baffled by the new interface and metrics. Where did the bounce rate go? What are events? 

This hands-on training will teach you everything you need to understand GA4. Get practice finding the data you need and turning metrics into actionable insights. This class is specifically for nonprofit staff, so you can immediately apply what you learn to your work. After this course, you may even prefer GA4 to the old version!

After taking this class, you will be able to:

  • Understand GA4’s new metrics so well that you can explain them to your boss
  • Correctly set up your new GA4 property
  • Navigate the new GA4 interface and finding the data you need
  • Track your outreach and tie it to actions on your site. For example, measuring what social media ads drove email acquisition
  • Get the basics on using Google Tag Manager to track users’ actions on your site.
  • And turn data into direct insights for your organization

Sessions will be at 3 ET / noon PT on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Starting Wednesday Oct 11th, and Friday Oct 13th. Monday Oct 16th , Wednesday Oct 18th, Friday Oct 20th, and ending Monday Oct 23rd.


Session 1: Understanding GA4 for Nonprofits

GA4 is very different from Universal Analytics. But how? This first session covers what’s new in GA4 and provides expert advice on configuring your new property, so it correctly tracks and stores your data.

Session 2: GA4 Metrics and Terminology

GA4 tracks websites in a totally new way. In this session, we will review the new metrics and terminology, so you can feel confident in your reports.

Session 3: Navigating GA4 and Reports

Google overhauled the interface for GA4. Here’s how to navigate it and find your favorite reports from the old Google Analytics. Then, use filters to analyze your website audience.

Session 4: GA4 Advertising and UTM Tagging

Google Analytics is an excellent tool to track how your promotional work, such as paid search or social media ads, results in new supporters or donors. This session covers GA4’s new advertising attribution reports and how to use UTM tagging.

Session 5: GA4 Advanced Features

In this session, we explore the more advanced features of GA4. Learn how to build a custom report, so you can pull metrics that aren’t available in the standard interface.

Session 6: Google Tag Manager

The final session is an introduction to Google Tag Manager. If you want to track the actions users take on your site, such as subscribing to email or signing a petition, you will need another program called Google Tag Manager. Learn how to set up and get started with GTM.  

A course designed for you…

How to Make Google Analytics 4 Work for Your Nonprofit is ready to help people like you make sense of GA4 and use that data for strategic impact.

Already getting started with GA4

This course will support you in getting into the advanced GA4 strategy with deeper insights into strategic items like new reports and GTM.

New to GA4

This course covers the essentials as well. You’ll get your foundation set and introduce you to more complex topics.

Planning to outsource your GA4 setup but want to understand

You will get the strategic insights to make better decisions with your external partners. This will help you understand the insights and reports you should be getting out of GA4 and your reports.

Your Instructor for How to Make Google Analytics 4 Work for Your Nonprofit

Emily Patterson

Emily Patterson runs Bee Measure, an agency that helps clients use data to create more effective web content, social media outreach and digital marketing. Drawing on her experience at Public Broadcasting Service and Better Business Bureau, Emily started Bee Measure in 2016 specifically to help nonprofits and government agencies. Emily is a PMI-certified Project Management Professional. She graduated from Ohio University with a Bachelor’s in journalism and the University of Virginia with a graduate certificate in digital marketing. Emily lives in Charlottesville, Va. with her husband where she enjoys camping, skiing and sampling the area’s many breweries.

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, all sessions will be recorded and available on-demand after the sessions. But for the most engaged experience, we recommend you set your calendar for this course.

This course is going to cover the complete GA4 essentials. From making sure you understand the basics to deeper strategy and reporting. A basic knowledge of online analytics like prior Google Analytics will help but all are welcome.

Sessions will be live and interactive via Zoom meetings. All sessions will then be hosted on this website with resources for you to acces later.

How to Make Google Analytics 4 Work for Your Nonprofit

Let’s take the next step and get you enrolled in this 6 session course with open office hours to launch your work to the next level.