Digital Strategy Professional Development Bundle


A complete professional development bundle that includes summits, courses, on-demand content, and more.

Quantity Discount Per Item Price
2 10% $179.10
3-4 20% $159.20
5+ 30% $139.30


Get access to the complete 2024 collection of Digital Strategy training, strategy, and resources. This is a deeply discounted bundle to make it more accessible for teams and individuals to access high-quality training with one simple budget line item.

  • All of our Summits 
    • * Digital Strategy Summit — February 26th – March 1st
      * Digital Advertising Summit — April 16th – April 18th
      * Email Strategy Summit — May 21st – 23rd
      * Social Media Strategy Summit — July 30th – August 1st
      * Digital Engagement & Organizing Summit — August 27th – August 29th
      * Digital Fundraising Summit — September 17th – September 19th

Full ticket price for all summits is normally $944

  • All of our live courses (These are slated for $399 each)
    • We have GA4 scheduled again
    • How to manage a creator campaign
    • Recruiting your own micro-influencer and advocate supporters
    • Training & Strategy Cohort: Recruiting Your Own Micro-Influencers and Advocate Supporters
    • + 2 more courses coming

Full ticket price for all summits is normally more than $1600

  • Plus discounts on other courses
    • Will also enable 50% off special courses and self-paced courses.

The bundle will save you over $1,000 and guarantee digital strategy training and resources all year for just $100 month paid annually.