Center for Digital Strategy

We have trained thousands of social impact practitioners, teams, and senior leaders to build and execute effective digital strategies tailored to the moment, their mission, vision, strategic goals, and capacity.

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Virtual Summits

Throughout the year we offer a wide range of digital strategy events: Summits, Conferences, Webinars, Training, and more.

We focus on continuing to build a community of presenters and trainers selected for their backgrounds and expertise dedicated to supporting your digital strategy. That is the community we expand and welcome all event attendees into.

Digital Strategy Summit – 2024

Digital Strategy Accelerators

Our select accelerator programs are designed to move your organization’s digital strategy forward in significant ways.

Team Design

These programs are designed for teams to come together and understand how they work together for your organization to meet goals.

High Impact

We focus on what will help you make a real impact on your campaigns and mission.

Digital Campaign Accelerator

Virtual Courses

Courses to expand the digital strategy of your organization that cover a wide range of strategy and technical skills.

Courses and trainings range from multiple days to weekly courses.


Not just content coming at you but engagement with trainers and each other.

Strategic Resources

With all courses and training, we equip attendees with resources that can be used immediately.

Recent Courses

Digital Campaign Accelerator

Professional Development

If you are running a marketing campaign, targeted campaign, social impact, volunteer action, or fundraising campaign you’ll get the insights, tactics, and structure to do this effectively as a team.

Trainings & Webinars

Discrete trainings and webinars to bring you the most relevant information in digital strategy.

Getting it Right in 2024: Strategies for Social Impact in a New Digital Era

Preview & Tips: Unlock the 3 Pillars of Organizational Digital Strategy