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At the Center for Digital Strategy, we’ve supported thousands of organizations. With a wide range of digital strategy to support organizations of all sizes and kinds. With distinct content, training, and professional development for nonprofit digital strategy, political campaign digital strategy, labor unions, educational institutions, social good companies, and more.


Social Media Strategy Summit


Throughout the year. We offer a wide range of digital strategy events: Summits, Conferences, Webinars, Training, and more.


We focus on continuing to build a community of presenters and trainers dedicated to supporting your digital strategy. That is the community we expand and welcome all event attendees into.

High Impact

Event presenters are selected for their backgrounds and expertise to make a direct impact on your digital strategy.

December 5th – 7th


Digital Campaign Accelerator


Our select accelerator programs are designed to move your organization’s digital strategy forward in significant ways.

Team Design

These programs are designed for teams to come together and understand how they work together for your organization to meet goals.

High Impact

We focus on what will help you make a real impact on your campaigns and mission.

Next Session Starts October 3rd

Live Courses


Courses to expand the digital strategy of your organization covering a wide range of strategy and technical skills.

Courses and training range from multiple days to weekly courses.


Not just content coming at you but engagement with trainers and each other.

Strategic Resources

With all courses and training, we equip attendees with resources that can be used immediately.

Recent Live Courses

How to Make Google Analytics 4 Work for Your Nonprofit. Starting Monday October 2nd

Digital Campaign Accelerator

Professional Development

If you are running a marketing campaign, targeted campaign, social impact, volunteer action, or fundraising campaign you’ll get the insights, tactics, and structure to do this effectively as a team.

Training & Webinars


One-off strategy and training focused on a core topic to expand your strategy.

Next Event s

Preview & Tips: Unlock the 3 Pillars of Organizational Digital Strategy

AI in Digital Campaigns

Actual toolkits that scale social engagement and reach with SpeechifAi

Jobs Board


A free community jobs board, perfect for listing for digital strategy roles, comms, data, and anything that crosses into the realm. Whether it’s a full-time job, internship, contract role, or request for proposal it is free to post.


You can also add your resume to make it available to organizations and agencies looking for staff.

Recent Listings