Finding Your Message

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Your organization or campaign is distinct, with its own message, its own theory or theories of change in the world. Your members support you specifically because of it. Make sure your messages and content match that and drive engagement around who you are. Sustained consistent messaging is an important component of building long-term engagement.

During this training, you’ll get introductory training on using The Digital Plan’s “Finding Your Message Strategic Worksheet”. This worksheet is a guide to work through:

  • Identifying your issues.
  • Building an issue framework
  • Developing Messaging documents
  • Live content

Key takeaway: Understanding how to use the Finding Your Message Strategic Worksheet for your campaign or project

Watch the video to get a deeper understanding of:

  • How to approach message planning.
  • Strategic advice on how to find your message.
  • Advice and actionable examples on how to workshop Finding Your Message.
  • Guidance on Finding Your Message.